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Kim, Hyun Mee

Degree Ph.D, University of Washington
Research Interests Gender, Globalization, Migration, Cultural Studies
Tel 82-2-2123-2430
Email hmkim2@yonsei.ac.kr

Nah, Yoonkyeong

Degree Ph.D, University of Wisconsin
Research Interests Feminism, Education, Leadership
Tel 82-2-2123-6220
Email ynah@yonsei.ac.kr

Cho, Mun Young

Degree Ph.D, Stanford University
Research Interests Poverty, Development, Political Anthropology, China
Tel 82-2-2123-5422
Email munyoung@yonsei.ac.kr

Lee, Sang Kook

Degree Ph.D, National University of Singapore
Research Interests Refugees, Borders, Southeast Asia
Tel 82-2-2123-5434
Email caskl@yonsei.ac.kr

Seo, Bo Kyung

Degree Ph.D, Australian National University
Research Interests Medical anthropology, Care, Science and Technology Studies, Gender and Sexualities, Value Theory, Thailand, South Korea
Email bo.seo@yonsei.ac.kr