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Cho, Haejoang

Degree Ph.D., UCLA
Research Interests Gender, Youths, Cultural Ecology
Tel 82-2-2123-5420
Email haejoang@gmail.com
More http://chohanlab.net/

Cho, Haejoang is a cultural anthropologist in training and feminist in faith. She taught at the Department of Sociology (1981-2008) and the Department of Cultural Anthropology (2008-2014) at Yonsei University before retiring as an Emeritus Professor. Her early research focused on gender studies in Korean modern history; her current interests and research are in the area of youth culture and modernity in the global/local and post-colonial context of contemporary Korea. She is the author of Women and Men in South Korea (1988), Reading Texts, Reading Lives in the Postcolonial Era 3 volumes (1992, 1994), Children Refusing School, Society Refusing Children (1996), Reflexive Modernity and Feminism (1998), and Children Searching School, Society Searching Children (2000), Talking at the Edge: Letters Between Japanese and Korean Feminists (2004, coauthored with Ueno Chizuko), It’s Life-Learning Village Again (2006), and Back to the Classroom: Reading Text and Reading Everyday Lives in the Neo-liberal Era (2009). They are all in Korean language. Two books are translated into Japanese; Korean Society and Gender (Hose University Press) and Can the Words Reach? (Iwanami Publisher coauthored Book with Ueno). Cho is the founding director of Haja Center (The Seoul Youth Factory for Alternative Culture) which is an alternative educational and cultural studio for teenagers since 1999. The Haja Center was launched as part of 'action research' to solve problems impacting youth from the perspectives of feminism, cultural studies and ecological studies in the rapidly globalizing East Asian context.