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ANT1001 Cultural Anthropology

This course introduces cultural anthropology as a field of study. Surveys the basic concepts, theories, and methodologies of cultural anthropology.

ANT2105 Cultural Anthropology in the Global Age

This course examines the rapid globalization of human life through anthropological perspectives, concentrating on globalization, modernization, and class polarization. Also connects the flows of globalization with individuals' lives.

ANT2106 Globalization and Multiculturalism

This course aims at understanding and practicing multiculturalism, which is the essential form of knowledge, behavior, and value in the global age. The goal of multiculturalism lies in the understanding of difference as equality and not as discrimination. This course will cultivate multicultural literacy through both intellect and cultural sensitivity.

ANT2101 Ethnography

This course provides the student with an introduction to the methods of doing fieldwork and empirical research, and writing ethnography or cultural critique as an outcome of research.

ANT3102 Fieldwork Methodology

Fieldwork is the most important method research in anthropology. Through this course, students will learn the epistemology, methodology, and ethics needed in the whole process conducting fieldwork.

ANT2102 The Defamiliarization of Korean Culture

Cultural anthropology defamiliarizes the familiar and familiarizes the unfamiliar, and thereby presents a cultural relative perspective. This course lets students who major in anthropology defamiliarize, objectify, and analyze Korean culture.

ANT2103 Family and Culture

This course examines families with a historical and comparative perspective and explores alternative ways to engage in family problems.

ANT2104 Globalization and Migration

This course analyzes how global migration occurs for reasons of economical migration, refuge, and studying abroad. The changes in the Korean society triggered by migration are also considered.

ANT2108 Education and Culture

This course compares educational cultures and discourses in Korea and other countries and discusses desirable educational environments.

ANT2109 Introduction to Medical Anthropology

This course introduces theoretical and methodological approaches in medical anthropology and examines contemporary experiences of health, disease, and the body cross-culturally.

ANT3101 History of Cultural Anthropology

From the 19th century, when anthropology first appeared as a field of study, to now, anthropology has provided theories and perspectives for the understanding of culture. This course investigates the history of anthropology through the experiences of cultural anthropologists.

ANT3103 Fieldwork Practice(1)

Students practice fieldwork after learning required methodology. Fieldwork may be done either alone or together.

ANT3104 Gender and Culture

This course offers students the concept of gender as analytic category; the patterns of sex roles, gender personality, and inequality in power and privileges between sexes in cross-cultural and evolutionary perspectives.

ANT3105 Anthropology of Body

The body is not simply biological. The meanings surrounding the body within the changes of historical and social contexts. This course is concerned with the anthropological approach towards the body's social and cultural formation. The course also examines the relations between body and gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, and the influence of class differences and medical discourse on the body.

ANT3106 Nationality and Ethnicity

This course critically analyzes how difference and sameness are produced by race and ethnicity. Also examines the mechanisms of modern nationalism and racialism.

ANT3107 Identities in the Contemporary Society

This course aims to understand backgrounds and contexts where various forms of modern identity emerged and analyze the ways in which identities are culturally represented.

ANT3108 East Asian Studies

This course examines the rapid politico-economical changes that East-Asian countries like Japan, China, and Taiwan are experiencing, through the overall context of East-Asia and the anthropological view of locals.

ANT3109 Religion and Culture

Religions have served as cultural frames in which the humankind has understood their lives in terms of symbolic structures. This course examines the relations between religion and culture in various societies from the past to the present, through exploring each society's view of religion and rituals that have been performed.

ANT3110 Environment and Culture

The humankind, who has lived on earth for fifty-thousand years, is said to be in danger. This course diagnoses the critical situation of our environment both macroscopically and microscopically, and considers how sustainable development can be achieved.

ANT3111 Historical Anthropology

This course offers anthropological methods in tracking the relations between the life of an individual and cultural changes by examining the cultural vicissitudes of a particular society. Understands the terms 'narrative history,' 'memory,' and agency.

ANT3112 Popular Culture and the Cultural Industry

This course intends to help students for their future careers in cultural industry by studying theories of popular culture and by offering a chance to work at the cultural industry.

ANT3113 Anthropology and the Visual Media

Anthropology has used visual media like movies, videos, photographs, and digital documentations as materials for cultural analysis. This course approaches the concepts and methods of cultural documentation.

ANT3114 Culture Design in the Network Age

This course examines how the network society, or the information-based society is different from the former unified and hierarchical organizational society. Especially, the focus is on learning the characteristics of the society that is organized by 'a network of networks.' Actual practice of culture design on the network society is done.

ANT3115 Special Topics in Anthropology

This course introduces the current trends of anthropology and develops in-depth analysis.

ANT3116 Ecological Anthropology

This course promotes ecology-oriented thinking and understands relations between ecology and anthropology.

ANT3202 Culture and Tourism

This course covers various phenomena and issues associated with tourism from a critical stance.

ANT3203 Japanese Culture Studies

This course overcomes an essentialist understanding on Japanese culture and explores various methods of cultural studies in an integrative scope including politics, economy, culture and history.

ANT3204 Understanding Modern China

This course aims to understand the society and culture of modern China in general.

ANT3205 Political Anthropology

This course explores relations between politics and culture by engaging in the institution, behavior and ideology of the state.

ANT3206 Anthropology of Poverty

This course approaches poverty from an anthropological perspective and critically reviews various practices of poverty eradication.

ANT3207 Anthropology of Science and Technology

This course examines the development and practices of science and technology in a cultural context.

ANT3208 Society and Culture of Southeast Asia

This course understands the cultural diversity of Southeast Asia and discuses similarities and differences between Southeast Asia and Korea.

ANT3209 Anthropology of Law

This course approaches legal culture and life from an anthropological comparative perspective.

ANT3210 Symbols and Rituals

This courses explores the meanings and practices of symbols and rituals in various cultures.

ANT4101 Fieldwork Practice (2)

Completes a cultural ethnography on specific research topic after learning the required methods of fieldwork. The ethnography should be documented in a visualized and digitalized form and can be done either individually or together.

ANT4102 Regional Studies

This course examines the rapid politico-economical and socio-cultural changes occurring in a selected region, within the overall context of globalization and the anthropological view of locals.

ANT4103 Economic Anthropology

Culture is inextricably linked to economy and consumption. With cultural anthropological lenses, this course analyzes the modern forms of consumptions seen in the capitalist company, marketing, design, tourism, and image industry.

ANT4104 Reading Ethnography

Reads important ethnographic texts theoretically and reflectively. Understands the importance of knowledge-production in cultural anthropology.

ANT4105 Structure of Care and Intimacy in the Contemporary Society

If material production and the unity of the people were the main projects of the nation-state centered industrial society, the late-industrial society focuses on non-material production and 'intimacy.' This course examines the structure and characteristics of the late-modern risk society, which is patterned by crisis of motivation and intimacy, and explores solutions.

ANT4106 Cultural Design Practice (Internship)

Students obtain hands-on experiences through actual observing, interviewing, designing, coordinating and operating in creative industries, cultural industries, alternative companies, public institutions, schools, and NGOs as interns.

ANT4107 Global Issues in Anthropological Perspective

Investigates increasing globalization-related problems like ethnic conflicts, identity confusion, migration and citizenship, religious conflicts, medical discourse and law, and development, through an anthropological perspective.

ANT4108 Culture Conflicts and Global Governance

Surveys cases of various cultural conflicts and interventions on them. Heightens the understanding of human rights, sustainable development, and inter-cultural understanding education.

ANT4109 Writing as a Cultural Critique

Practices writing as reflective cultural critique based on Post-Structuralist critical theory; post-colonialism, feminism, deconstruction theory, which are fundamental to cultural studies.

ANT4201 Thesis Writing

This course provides assistance to graduate thesis writing, from writing the research plan to completing theses

ANT4202 Contemporary Theories in Cultural Anthropology

This course explores main issues of contemporary social and cultural theories by reading core texts and trains a genealogical method to understand the social and cultural phenomena of contemporary society. 3344502