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The Department of Cultural Anthropology established the graduate (masters) program in March 2016 to advance research and education on globalized cultural phenomena. The graduate program has two sub-majors: M.A. in Cultural Anthropology and M.A. in Gender and Cultural Studies.
It consolidated the existing graduate program on Culture and Gender Studies that was set up in March 2001 by Professors Cho, Haejoang and Kim, Hyun Mee and joined by Nah, Yoonkyeong in March 2002. The Culture and Gender Studies Program engaged in scholarly research and produce professionals in culture-related areas, running two sub-fields: Cultural Studies and Gender Studies. The program adopted an integrative scope that covers Literature, Semiotics, Anthropology, Media Studies and Sociology while its main focus was on the post-modern and deconstruction aspect of Marxism.
Now the Department of Cultural Anthropology inherited the academic asset of the Culture and Gender Studies Program in a more expanded and integrative form of academic institution and aims to produce the future generation of scholars and professionals in the fields of Cultural Anthropology and Culture and Gender Studies.