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M.A. in Cultural Anthropology, M.A. in Gender and Cultural Studies

Mandatory Courses
Course No. Course Name Course Description Credit
ANT5001 Qualitative Research Methodology This course introduces various qualitative research methods including participant observation, indepth interview and life history. 3
ANT5002 Theory of Cultural Anthropology This course examines traditional and contemporary theories of Cultural Anthropology from a critical standpoint. 3
ANT5003 Introduction to Gender and Cultural Studies This course introduces various issues on Gender and Cultural Studies including research agenda, methods, and interpretation of research outcomes. 3
Cultural Anthropology Courses
Course No. Course Name Course Description Credit
ANT5004 Quantitative Research Methodology This course offers students basic knowledge on how to conduct quantitative research. 3
ANT5101 History of Cultural Anthropology This course traces the development of Cultural Anthropology as an academic field in a comparative scope that covers the trajectories of the discipline in non-western societies. 3
ANT5102 Power and Resistance This course reviews relations between politics and culture and analyses political realities of non-western societies with a critical perspective on contemporary political concepts. 3
ANT5103 Economics of Distribution and Public Sharing This course examines human beings’ economic pursuit across time and space and seeks alternative economic systems from a practical and theoretical stance. 3
ANT5104 Poverty of the 21st Century This course identifies contemporary poverty issues including perception, agenda, institution, and political engagement. 3
ANT5105 Anthropology and International Development This course promotes an understanding of anthropological engagement in international development. 3
ANT5106 Anthropology of Globalization This course reviews anthropological approaches to globalization and examines how global mobility expedites the global-local dynamics. 3
ANT5107 Migration and Cultural Studies This course analyzes the patterns and networks of transnational migration with a focus on an Asian context. 3
ANT5108 Border Society and Mobility This course seeks to develop a theoretical tool to understand mobile economic and social-cultural phenomena taking place across the nation-state border. 3
ANT5109 Anthropology of Youth This course examines anthropological discussion on youth with a focus on the processes and implication of global market economy and technology development that form a new youth as a cultural and political category. 3
ANT5110 Education and Field This course introduces various issues and research methods associated with education field. 3
ANT5111 Digital Society and Cultural Change This course provides an introduction to cultural change brought about by social network services and new challenges facing anthropology. 3
ANT5112 Fieldwork and Documentary Practice This course offers students opportunities to learn how to report and analyze cultural fields through digital technology. 3
ANT5113 Anthropology of Capitalism This course understands Capitalism as a combination of various practices in the historical and cultural mediation and explores theoretical issues through ethnographic approaches. 3
ANT5114 Chinese Studies I This course promotes the general understanding of China and examines social and cultural transformation that has been underway in the country. 3
ANT5115 Chinese Studies II This course deepens the understanding of China in an analytic perspective. 3
ANT5116 Japanese Studies I This course identifies the histography and key issues in the study of Japanese culture and explores research methods and epistemology to deepen the understanding of culture and society of contemporary Japan. 3
ANT5117 Japanese Studies II This course explores thematic and area-wise issues to deepen the understanding of Japanese society. 3
ANT5118 Southeast Asian Studies I This course traces theoretical developments that have explained diverse cultural phenomena and understands contemporary issues in Southeast Asian society. 3
ANT5119 Southeast Asian Studies II This course deepens the knowledge of Southeast Asian society by exploring key issues that affect the region. 3
ANT5120 Special Topics in Anthropology This course introduces newly emerging topics, methodology and theory in the field of Cultural Anthropology. 3
Gender and Cultural Studies Courses
Course No. Course Name Course Description Credit
ANT6101 Sexuality Theory This course reviews the development of research agendas and theoretical discussions on sexuality and examines current methodological and theoretical issues. 3
ANT6102 Gender and Labor This course understands labor differentiation and hierarchy along gender lines and analyzes the nature of gendered economy. 3
ANT6103 Feminist Cultural Studies This course examines the historical development and theoretical issues of cultural studies in the feminist perspective. 3
ANT6104 Gender and Fieldwork This course introduces students methodological approaches to gender issues. 3
ANT6105 Intimacy in Contemporary Society This course explores the formation of family and intimacy in the context of changing social structure and globalization. 3
ANT6106 Life and Medicine This course examines a social-political context that drives the new sense of life. 3
ANT6107 City and Culture This course reviews the study of city that faces the expansion and reproduction of capital and suggests sustainable cultural policies. 3
ANT6108 Cultural Theory This course explores cultural theory that accounts for various social-cultural and political phenomena and offers students a perspective to analyze cultural phenomena in Korean society. 3
ANT6109 Inter-Asia Cultural Studies This course analyzes transnational cultural flows and networks in the Asian context. 3
ANT6110 Korean Cultural Studies This course understands Korean society and culture in a critical perspective and seeks to develop methodology and theoretical frameworks to develop Korean cultural studies. 3
ANT6111 Special Topics in Cultural Studies This course identifies and analyzes emerging cultural issues. 3
ANT6112 Feminist Cultural Anthropology This course reviews the knowledge production processes of Cultural Anthropology from a feminist perspective. 3
ANT6113 Anthropology of Feminist Education This course approaches education with a viewpoint of feminist pedagogy. 3
Dissertation Writing Courses
Course No. Course Name Course Description Credit
ANT7101 Individual Study I This course provides students with opportunities to develop a dissertation topic through individual study with a supervisor. 2
ANT7102 Individual Study II This course provides students with opportunities to develop a dissertation topic through individual study with a supervisor. 2
ANT7999 Independent Research I This course provides students with opportunities to write a dissertation under the guidance of a supervisor. 0